Foundational Principles

Foundational Principles

We are proud of the fact that BEJS is a firm that spans generations. We don’t think we can realistically understand your need for “generational thinking” unless we engage in it ourselves.

Simple is better.  There is nothing simple about today’s financial environment or the instruments that are used to create, manage, and protect wealth.  And, the calculations, strategies, and choices are just as complex.  But we believe that simple is always better than complicated and that it is our job to make your life simpler.

We listen.  And perhaps more importantly, we hear.  We are not sellers of products.  We are creators of solutions.  Specific, individual, custom solutions that fit you, your family, your business.

Innovation, not invention.  We work with known, proven solutions.  Yes, we are creative.  No, we do not take chances.  We work within a set of possibilities that reduce risk to create a simple, secure solution.

It’s the relationship.  Relationships matter more to us than transactions.  We take a long-term view of your needs and anticipate the needs you may not even know you have.  We care about you, your spouse, your children, your grandchildren, and future family members you haven’t even imagined.  And that same commitment to relationships holds for your business partners, advisors, and team members you are working with today.

Service is a culture.  This isn’t just a service business.  It is a service culture.  The people who work at Barry, Evans, Josephs & Snipes are the most dedicated professionals we know.  Our goal is to treat every client, client family member, or client business relationship like it is our own.  That culture, combined with a client-focused service platform, creates a truly remarkable service advantage.

Maintaining the edge.  Preservation is about keeping the edge sharp.  That’s why in 1984, we joined with M Financial Group, a national leader in high net-worth financial services.  Our relationship with M Financial Group gives us access to institutional product classes and pricing, industry best practices, and thought leadership that benefits our clients.

(from left to right: Don Evans, Ernest Barry, Rick Snipes, and Alex Josephs)