The Business of Preservation

clean_upWe at Barry, Evans, Josephs & Snipes are life insurance specialists.  For thirty years we have been creating safe crossings for our clients and their families and businesses.  Does that make us bridge builders?  We think so.  And, if we’ve learned anything, we’ve learned that no two “bridges” are alike.  Each family and every business have unique needs, different values, and individual priorities that require preservation.

So at BEJS, it isn’t entirely about the products. It is equally about the process… and it is always about the outcome.  Preservation of whatever matters most to you.  For some, that may be as simple as the well-being of a spouse.  For others, it is the continuity of a generational business or retirement security for a key executive.  Or it may be the fulfillment of a long-standing commitment to the community you live in or a legacy of public trust.

Just because we believe in bridge building doesn’t mean we’re afraid to get our feet wet.  In fact, if there is one thing that unites us more than anything, it is our interest in preservation.  In making things right, taking care of what we were given, insuring a future as good as or better than the past.